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Zürich (CH), Moods

Train ride…I love it… Fabian, mathias and I back on the train. Hans, Ingrid and Martin back on the road. I have to admit that I was sleeping most of the time and in between mathias tried to find out where the children’s cabin was because he kept referring to Fab and me as children : ). But I think he was more dissapointed than Fab & me when he found out that the children’s cinema didn’t work that day. We had a good time : ) and at this point I have to mention two things. First: Fabians impressions of famous jazz musicians … incredible you have to see that some day for yourself. Second: we discovered my name Lia Pale in the ÖBB magazine „onrail“ starting with the following words: „But WHAT is mathias rüegg, the founder of the Vienna Art Orchestra actually doing all day now??? He is making himself useful!“ I believe that is true : )

We arrived in Zürich, took a Taxi to our Hotel and had a little break before the soundcheck. mathias bought the newspaper „Schweiz am Sonntag“ and we were excited to find a great story about „gone too far“ in it as well as mathias great freshly made pictures taken by yes of course, Kidizin Sane.

We were all pretty tired from our journey when we started our soundcheck. Fabian and I thought the concert would start around 8 and during our soundcheck it occured to us that the concert was planned to start at 7. We all started to feel a little stressed, we had a quick bite and went straight back to the hotel as we had only 45 minutes to prepare ourselves for the concert. Moods is a wonderful jazzclub and I wanna thank Nicole from Moods who took care of us and Nicole Mayr who did all the great promotion work and who also came to our concert. It was a pleasure finally meeting you in person!!! I also want to thank Peter Rüedi „Grand senior der deutschsprachigen Jazzkritik“ for coming out and supporting us. We highly appreciate your presence and words. We would love to come back to see you, Moods, again.

And at this point I want to thank Hans, Fabian, mathias and Ingrid for playing the way the play. Ingrid, it amazes me that you are grooving everyday and all the time, no matter what you do!!!

We had a lovely evening talking to a lot of lovely people and closed our night at the hotel bar with another round of amazing impressions of well known jazz musicians by Mr. Fabian Rucker. After the last impression I went to bed and fell asleep. In the morning… well I noticed that I had forgotten my passport – so no flight, but trainride again… as I said I just can’t get enough.. and sometimes I really am surprised by my own chaos.

Yours, Lia!

P.S.: I am so sorry, I did not just forget my passport, I also forgot to bring a hat to Moods for someone to catch and keep. Next time Moods, I promise, hatcatcher, you will catch your hat and I will catch you after the show!!

P.P.S.: Come to chaya fuera on the 28th of May, we’re gonna play a showcase there!!!

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