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Göteborg (SWE), Nefertiti

Without my wake up call I’m pretty sure I would have missed the amazing breakfast at the Scandia Grand Central. Still tired but well fed we were picked up again and taken to the train station in Stockholm and after walking around trying to find our hidden platform we found the right train and the right seats at the right time : ). Travelling by train gives you the perfect reason to relax, looking out of the window, snacking, sleeping, chatting…these are a few of my favourite things! During our three hours train ride we only got in a fight once, when a tall beautiful girl walked by and I caught mathias and Fabian checking her out and at the same time smiling at eachother in a very appreciative way. After that I started a hot tempered discussion about this kind of behaviour. In the end we came to the conclusion that yes we’re still very much driven by our primal instincts but that we luckily are able to use our cognitive abilities if we want or need to!

We arrived in Gothenburg and everything looked exactly the way I remembered it. It felt like coming home. Thank you Magdalena Aberg for picking us up and taking care of us! Soundcheck went well and Hans was so charming and sweet towards his borrowed bass that after a little while they sounded like they’ve known eachother for a long, long time. I was very excited and nervous to play at Nef. When I studied in Gothenburg I went to many concerts there and I was happy and grateful to be back and to actually play at this great club. Shortly before the concert I got extremely nervous.

I knew that close friends among them the great musicians Amanda & Rasmus and also my vocal teacher Karin Bengmark would come to listen. We started to play, I saw them sitting in the right corner and I felt good. We had a great time, thank you Nefertiti and everybody who came out that night. You know how much it meant to me to be there!

I still have to smile when I think of our first encore where I’m tap dancing for 16 bars. You started to clap along, which is really cool and kept on clapping after we’ve finished, so I didn’t know what to do cause all I can tap are these 16 bars, so what to do…that’s right from the top and here we go again. Thank you for letting me do my favourite 16 bars twice!!!

After the concert I couldn’t wait to go the right corner to let the hugging begin. That night I wanted to go out and we went to my favourite bars in Gothenburg like Hagabion and Cafe Publik. Thanks so much for this night! Fabian and I were extremely happy about drinking Brooklyn Lager. What can I say, I’ve missed this town and I wanna come back, as soon as possible,

Yours Lia

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