August 27, 2019

I decided to fly to Switzerland a couple of days before our concert in Sierre. Oliver was playing in Ernen/CH, a beautiful little town that‘s filled with music and it is just one hour away from Sierre. Also it was time to meet dear friends that I haven‘t seen for a lon...

February 21, 2019

„The Other Way Around“ - Premiere & „The Brahms Song Book“ - Album Release

I woke up, already feeling very excited, I think it has something to do with my stage fright : ) and I am always extra nervous when we play in Vienna. For the first time we played in a different...

January 1, 2019

I got to Oliver‘s home in Baden two days before our New Year Concert in Davos, so that Oliver and I would have enough time for rehearsals, playing table tennis and the Beatles : ). On the last day of the year we had a good and intense run-through in the morning and the...

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